Injury Attorneys Lancaster City

Injury Attorneys Lancaster CityInjury attorneys Lancaster City at the Cody Law Firm are your best choice for your Lancaster personal injury victim case.  Make us your first call after your suffer personal injury in Lancaster as we are among the leading City of Lancaster injury attorneys.

Best Injury Attorneys Lancaster City

The injury attorneys Lancaster City at the Cody Law Firm will treat you as if you are our only Lancaster personal injury victim.  We have years of experience working for those who have suffered a personal injury in Lancaster and need the services of one of our City of Lancaster injury attorneys.

Injury Attorneys Lancaster City You Can Trust

If the time arrives when you need help from injury attorneys Lancaster City because you recently have become a Lancaster personal injury victim, contact the Cody Law Firm immediately.  We are the City of Lancaster injury attorneys for you as we can assist you with the legal side of your Lancaster personal injury.

A record of arrest or conviction for a criminal offense can have serious consequences and can significantly limit opportunities in employment and education. The court records of these incidents do not go away on their own. They remain with you permanently and are public record available to anyone. Even arrests or criminal charges that result in a not guilty verdict or a dismissal remain on your record. Additionally, completion of the ARD program does not automatically erase the record of arrest or charges.

Fortunately, in some cases you may be able to petition the court to expunge your record. If successful, the Court will direct that all federal and state agencies that maintain criminal records to destroy the records of your arrest and conviction.

Our firm has successfully petitioned for thousands of expungements for our clients. We have a thorough understanding of the expungement statutes and will be able to tell you as whether an expungement petition would be successful.

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